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Monthly Archives: June 2009

The Man (or Webmaster) Behind the Curtain

So, I’ve been asked, “what are the plans for your site?”  The problem is that I’m not reallyView full post »

Step One Complete

Step one in the transformation of a “former” professional, to a “part timer” is in place.  MyView full post »

Emily and Kiel’s Engagement

Okay, so it is a little wierd doing an engagment session for your own kid. No way am I that old. On the other hand whatView full post »

From a Career, to a Hobby, and Back Again (Sort of) . . .

I’ve been shooting pictures for as long as I can remember. Before I had a camera of my own, I watched my fatherView full post »

Hello world!

Day one. Yager Photography returns. You always need a “Hello World” don’t you??View full post »