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Step One Complete

Step one in the transformation of a “former” professional, to a “part timer” is in place.  My dream camera showed up yesterday and I’m starting my experimenting with it.  Over the next week I will be shooting my heart out getting a good feel for the camera.

The picture of the dream camera is below.  I love this thing.

Anyway – I’ve been thinking about starting a 50/50/50 project to have a bit of creative fun.  50 people, for 50 days, using only my 50mm lens.  I haven’t decided when or if to start, but I’m thinking about it.  I took one today of the owner of the deli where I eat breakfast everyday.  This place is very close to my day-job office.  Lynn is her name and we all like her a lot.  If you are ever on Canoga Ave in Woodland Hills try O’Deli out.  Good people.

Lynn from O

Lynn from O'Deli

  • 27 Jun ’09 - 9:05 am

    valerie - I’m glad to ‘help’ even for a little bit 🙂 – Ah, that is sooo good to know, because indeed, the 1.2 is absurdly expensive.. not something I am going to be able to buy anytime soon I’m afraid! I was hoping it would be the 1.4. I indeed have the 85 1.8, and yes, I absolutely love it, the bokeh is great. It’s a great portrait lens. I tried portraits with my macro lens (a 70mm) for a while, but it was horrific. That lens is really a macro lens, it has great bokeh and sharpness with macros, but not with portraits… which is why I bought the Ef85. But I need flashes, working with natural light is a disaster I think. Or maybe I should just give up on the whole people concept =D it’s quite hard for me. – Thanks for the ideas! Will definitely try that out. And thanks for the video, it’s amazing, this man is absolutely fearless! It was great to watch, I bookmarked it on youtube, so I can look it up again. Very nice. (I do wonder though, does no one ever hit him?!)ReplyCancel

  • 26 Jun ’09 - 7:47 am

    valerie - Beautiful portrait and I love the concept!
    Do you have the 1.2 or 1.4 lens? (I’m “hunting” for lenses that give results like these, with a nice bokeh and dof, there is so much difference in that and looking at other peoples photos has so far been the best way to find the ones I like.)

    I am wondering, how do you go about doing this..? I am a little shy and scared when it comes to photographing people I don’t know, on the streets and so on. I am trying to train myself in it but I find it soo hard.. 🙁 and it’s holding me back a lot.ReplyCancel

    • 26 Jun ’09 - 11:08 am

      Jon - Thanks Valerie. I love your critiques and comments; they have helped to keep me going on this quest over the last couple of months. About the lens – it is the 1.4. I just bought it so this is almost my first shot with it. I’m been very happily surprised at the bokeh effect – which is nice since the 1.2 is way more expensive. The other lense I love is the 85 EF 1.8. I think you’ve mentioned somewhere that you have that one. It has the best look for me when I’m doing portraits – which are what I love doing anyway.

      About taking the photos, there is no easy answer to that. I agree with you, it always makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. The best thing I can say is just jump in and do it. For me it has never really gotten easy, but by doing it over the years I’ve at least learned what to expect. A few ideas for you to try – tell them something like, “I’m a photographer who has a weird assignment to take as many pictures of people I don’t know as possible in one day. Would you mind if I take your picture?” Normally they say okay. The funny thing is they will try to fix themselves up before you take a picture. To get the natural look tell them, “that is a great idea, let me get a before and after quick before you do.” Then quickly shoot a few shots. Make it funny and you will get a few natural shots in, then let them primp and fix their hair and put makeup on and take a few to make them happy. Normally I always like the before’s, but if they know I’m going to let them fix themselves up they will normally be happy about me taking pictures at all.

      You could also do it the crazy way like Bruce Gilden – but you might get killed.


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