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Project 50, 13 of 50. Fifty faces, with my 50mm lens, in 50 days.

This is Samantha. Sam is my daughter, so if you look here often, I would expect to see more of her. Let me set the scene for you with this picture. Sam is now 12 years old and does not like Mom or Dad getting too involved in her decisions. We are at a restaurant that has a “make your own pizza” on the menu. She literally got to make her own. They bring the supplies and she puts the sauce on the dough, spreads the cheese, and puts her toppings on. She likes pepperoni. One of the other toppings on the plate was pineapples. We suggesting she try some pineapple on her pizza, she said, “no.” I suggested she puts one piece of pineapple on just so she could try it, that way it won’t ruin the rest of her pizza if she does not like it.

That look you see is her telling me where I should put my suggestion. I just happened to be scanning though some pictures that I had taken outside the restaurant during the discussion, so the camera was powered up, ready to go, and in my hands. Pretty lucky. After I snapped the picture she had another reaction (seen below), and thought it was pretty funny that I took that shot. So all turned out okay.

Sam Reaction

  • 24 Dec ’10 - 4:20 am

    Samar - Good capture of expressions!!ReplyCancel

  • 17 Aug ’09 - 4:58 pm

    Jon - That is so funny – you are right. I also see a lot of jamie in her, but this face is very Amy from years ago!ReplyCancel

  • 17 Aug ’09 - 10:57 am

    Amanda - Some of her facial expressions sooo remind me of Amy at this age. I'm pretty sure Amy used to look at me like that often…ReplyCancel

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