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Project 50, 50 of 50. Fifty faces, with my 50mm lens, in 50ish days.

Yup, this is me. I’m sorry it took a few extra days to get the final picture up, but I was not feeling well. I didn’t want to take a self portrait of myself sick in bed, so I took some liberties and waited a few days. But anyway, here I am, 50ish days later. This project 50 was a lot of fun. I learned a lot, I struggled a bit, but for the most part it was fantastic. I received some great comments and support from my new friends on twitter (follow me), facebook, and here on the blog. Thanks everyone.

I’m actually kind of excited to move on to other things. I love portraits, but I want to work on other projects too. Any ideas?? Share them with me. I’m looking!

  • 17 Sep ’09 - 4:25 pm

    Jon - I appreciate your comments and encouragement! Thank you! I like your ideas. I was thinking macro since I don't normally ever do that, but I have to say I'm starting to lean on a "strobist" thing. I really need to get bettter at my portable flashes, outdoor flashing, etc. I may go that way just to get the ninja level of skills I need.

    Before that, I've got a few pics to post that that are not "faces" anyway, so in a week or so I will decide.ReplyCancel

  • 16 Sep ’09 - 1:31 am

    Valerie - Very nice to use 'the man himself' for the last photo, I really like that, and like the photo. (unfortunately the surprise effect is gone since I discovered that other photo of you, haha!)

    Well, you're a portrait man, but you want to do something else.. maybe something opposite? Are you going to do a 50/50 again with another subject? I really love the idea of the 50mm lens for 50 days, so I wouldn't mind (I am seriously going to do it myself as soon as I buy that lens!), but maybe it's time for a wide angle with an unconventional subject, or a tele, or macro lens, I don't know.

    Maybe you can challenge yourself with a subject you feel you're not familiar with. Good for learning 😉

    Anyway, good luck choosing a project and congrats on finishing this one, very good work and I really liked following your progress!ReplyCancel

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