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One more iPhoneography Update

iPhone Photography

iPhone Photography

I know my last few posts have been about my iPhone photography, or “iPhoneography” as we call it, but I’ve got one more update to share.  Recently I’ve been so busy at the office that I haven’t had time to update the blog on much more but I hope that will change soon.

The photo’s I’ve been taken with my iPhone have been featured recently.  The first was in the “iPhoneography Blog”.  The link is here.  There is a bit of my history as a photograher there as well – just a little bit.

The next one was on the website of a software firm that makes one of the leading iPhone photography apps called “Camerabag”.  Camerabag is a fantastic app, as a matter of fact it is the app that got me started taking daily photos with the iphone.  It is very simple to use and makes your pictures look great.  If you are looking for one simple app to help you take great pictures start with this one!!

The link to this article is here.  It is a bit smaller write up, just a few comments, but I really like the photos that were chosen for this one.

Check out their software as well – I highly recommend it.


On another topic . . .

I want to start putting together some simple photo tips to share on my facebook page and here.  I need to take some pictures of children and family portraits.  It IS the holiday season so this could help you as well.  Let me know if you are willing to help me out.  I’m not charging anything for the session for your children and family if you will help.  Yep, that is a big FREE.

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