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Monthly Archives: January 2010

2010.1.31 (Samantha)

2010.1.31 (Samantha) So, this morning I hear the toothbrush working in the kids bathroom. It was either goingView full post »


2010.1.30 Part of this project for 2010 is to try and work on things I’ve never done before. AlthoughView full post »


2010.1.29 From a “work” perspective it is very nice to have January over. This was a tough month.View full post »


2010.1.27 Not much time to “chat” tonight. Had a good 14 hour day at work today and have to be onView full post »


2010.1.26 In the spirit of yesterday’s photo I decided to find what else I could find around the officeView full post »


2010.1.25 Today was a tough day. Car accident, still a bit sick, rental car problems, spending the day workingView full post »


2010.1.24 Nothing I tried to do work out today so I had to go back a few days to a picture I never processedView full post »

2010.1.23 (I Love Tito’s Tacos)

2010.1.23 Click here to hear the song I love Tito’s Tacos You love Tito’s too I love Tito’s Tacos What else canView full post »


2010.1.22 I didn’t make it too far from the house today. I’m not feeling well, so I stayed home andView full post »


2010.1.21 This is Emily. I’ve used her for pictures here many times before. She is the newest addition toView full post »

Haiti Relief – Images Without Borders

I’m very please and honored to announce that a few of my photos are for sale along with those of about 60 otherView full post »

2010.1.20 (Reckoner)

2010.1.20 (Reckoner) I love Radiohead. That simple tonight. I also love taking portraits, even if theyView full post »


2010.1.19 The honest truth is I had no time to listen to music today, which happens maybe 2 or 3 times a year,View full post »

2010.1.18 (Come Sail Away)

2010.1.18 (Come Sail Away) From the 3rd grade until early high school when my family needed to move across theView full post »

2010.1.17 (Bust a Move)

2010.1.17 (Bust a Move) I dare anyone to hear the beginning of “Bust a Move” and not move your headView full post »

2010.1.16 (The Dream Police)

2010.1.16 The music mashup continues. Today, while listening to “The Dream Police” in the car onView full post »

2010.1.15 (My Life Would Suck Without You)

2010.1.15 Music is a big part of my life and my day. Photography is a big part of my life and my day. I thoughtView full post »


2010.1.14 Not much to say tonight. My life outside of photography has been very busy. I guess that is a goodView full post »


2010.1.13 Another rainy day in Southern California. What is this, like 7 or 8 of these in the last 12 months??View full post »


2010.1.12 So tonight I wanted to play around a bit with the desktop version of my favorite iPhone photo app.View full post »


2010.1.11 This is Jeff. Jeff has had a stressful week and has some big decisions to make. He does not seemView full post »


2010.1.10 I really want to get good at diptychs. I don’t feel like I am right now, but I’m workingView full post »


2010.1.9 or Stress Relief at the Beach So it has been a stressful week. After taking nap I decided that was notView full post »


2010.1.8 One more day in Jury duty, so one more picture from the park behind the court house. It is funny howView full post »

2010.1.7 (Rainbow’s End)

2010.1.7 So, If you’ve been paying attention I’m in the middle of serving Jury Duty. Turns out thatView full post »


2010.1.6 Not much time to chat tonight. Turns out that I am serving Jury Duty this week. I was sure IView full post »

2010.1.5 (The end of Christmas)

2010.1.5 Driving home I passed a park that is still decorated for the season. I’m pretty sure that thisView full post »

2010.1.4 (Late Autumn)

2010.1.4 or Late Autumn I believe I mentioned a few days ago how strange Southern California is in winter. ThisView full post »


2010.1.3 So, the wife and kids were out of town all week at Grandpa’s. They drove 6 hours to get homeView full post »


2010.1.2 Southern California is a weird place to live in winter. I have roses blooming on the side of myView full post »


2010.1.1 Welcome to 2010. I’ve decided to try to post a picture a day this year. No promises, butView full post »