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Monthly Archives: February 2010


2010.2.28 It seems I’ve had quite a few flower shots recently. That is not normal for me, but it seemsView full post »


2010.2.27 Today was another rainy day in Southern California. We’ve had a lot of those recently. TheseView full post »


2010.2.26 The flowers are bursting out all over. Southern California is an amazing place. Winter starts aroundView full post »


2010.2.25 Not much time to process today so I’m going with a fairly simple photo. Taken while driving onView full post »


2010.2.24 Today I tried a new type of personal challenge. I’m calling the “speed round”. TheView full post »


2010.2.23 Just a drain with some flower peddles. Something you see every day right? I just caught my attention.View full post »


2010.2.22 Is there anything better then an afternoon nap on the couch?? I don’t think so. At this pointView full post »


2010.2.21 Tigger. Our dog. I’ve had a lot of dogs in my life but none as OCD as this one. This dog reallyView full post »


2010.2.20 Okay. This is a picture that I took about a month ago for this project 365. At the time IView full post »


2010.2.19 This is Harry. I took a picture of Harry back in when I was doing my project 50 (50 faces with myView full post »


2010.2.18 Just a little self indulgence tonight. This is my son Tree. He was honored at his High School todayView full post »


2010.2.17 Valentine’s day is long gone, but this little girl found some old candy. I was taking someView full post »


2010.2.16 Sometimes I’m just drawn to a reflection. I’m always amazed how clear a reflection can beView full post »


2010.2.15 This is my son Tree. He has red hair today as he was playing Ron Weasley for a video. Most of theView full post »


2010.2.14 (The Ref) This is another picture from the video production that I’ve mentioned in the past.View full post »


2010.2.13 (Girls in Trees) I literally walked past this today and had to stop and take he picture. I know allView full post »


2010.2.12 Little late posting this one, but it’s here. I love the way the Canon 5DmrkII works in lowView full post »


2010.2.11 Today was a good day at work. There haven’t been a lot of them lately as I’ve beenView full post »


2010.2.10 I have to tell you in a bit of a creative rut. Very short term I hope, but I’ve had nothing inView full post »


2010.2.9 (Disney Concert Hall) Today the company I work for gave instruments to public schools to support theView full post »


2010.2.8 Another picture from the video production. Pretty simple, but I liked the look of these kidsView full post »


2010.2.7 This is some old lighting equipment. It reminds me of the days when I worked in a movie theater duringView full post »


2010.2.6 I work with a youth group at our church. Right now we are in the middle of a video production contest.View full post »

2010.2.5 (Experiments in Extreme Cropping)

2010.2.5 (Experiments in Extreme Cropping) It’s late so I’m not typing much. But tonight, with veryView full post »


2010.2.4 This lensbaby thing is getting addicting. I think I’m liking it more the more I try to take aView full post »

2010.2.3 (Right as Rain)

2010.2.3 (Right as Rain) So, I listen to a lot of music. I have a lot of music. On a slightly different topicView full post »


2010.2.2 Okay, just one more with the lensbaby for now. I love the softness it creates and in someways theView full post »


2010.2.1 I was introduced to a flickr group dealing with black and white Lensbaby shots and decided to do a fewView full post »