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Monthly Archives: March 2010


2010.3.31 See the Long Portrait Version I’m trying to start a new project. I got inspired by something IView full post »

My Favorite Camera Bag

I’m not big on product endorsements from photographers, but I do like when people share what really works forView full post »


2010.3.30 Say hello to the new member of my gear bag. The EF 24-70 2.8L. Yes, after the mishap with the ocean IView full post »

2010.3.29 (iPhone Photo)

I’m still having some camera issues from the wet mishap I mentioned yesterday. The good news is I’veView full post »

Photoshop Tip – Enhance Grain with High Pass

Learning photography back in the dark ages of dark rooms and chemicals, I have a thing for black and white grain.  IView full post »


2010.3.28 Everyone once in a while I miss posting a picture. I haven’t missed more then a day, but I haveView full post »


2010.3.26 I’ve been accused of living in “Pleasantville”. Maybe I do. This is just one moreView full post »

2010.3.25 (Hang Loose)

2010.3.25 I work with the youth in our church. Last night I took some of the kids out to IHOP for a welcome toView full post »

The Hardest Picture to Take

What is the hardest picture to get? Anyplace or anytime??  It is a picture of my wife. At least that is myView full post »


2010.3.22 This is a picture from under a small palm tree. Another example of not just standing there. I had toView full post »


2010.3.21 It is track and field season in the Yager household. One son on the high school sprinting team, andView full post »


2010.3.20 This is a portrait of Samantha on the piano at the talent show. I posted a picture from the talentView full post »

2010.3.19 (The Talent Show)

2010.3.19 Yesterday I had the fun time of spending a few hours at a middle school talent show. My daughterView full post »


2010.3.18 My daughters shoes. Add in a move to black and white, a high pass filter, a few curves masked intoView full post »


2010.3.17 Happy Saint Patty’s day. Simple picture today for a simple day. I like the pattern in theView full post »


2010.3.16 Still a bit sick today so I’m not all here, but I’m on the down hill slide of this fluView full post »


2010.3.15 I know I’m a day behind. My wife had the flu and then gave it to me. I tried to get out of bedView full post »


2010.3.13 Spring fever continues with my picture taking. My wife has had the flu for the last week, andView full post »

Don’t Just Stand There

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. There are great pictures to be had everywhere all the time.View full post »

Blogging Repentance

Okay – so I haven’t been around here in the blog world for a while.  I want to make amends for that and getView full post »


2010.3.12 Broke out the lensbaby macro kit to take this picture. I’m liking the look that I get with theView full post »


2010.3.11 I’m taking more flower pictures then I ever have. I’ve never been much of a flowerView full post »


2010.3.10 What is better then Wednesday night Slurpees?? Can’t type much, my wife is pretty sick andView full post »


2010.3.9 Spring is almost here. This winter has been a very wet one for us. Now I know that I’m whining,View full post »


2010.3.8 This is Samantha hanging over the bed. Lighting was horrible, but it was a fun photo to take anyway.View full post »


2010.3.7 It’s been a tough weekend for posting. I’m updating a house full of computers and thatView full post »

2010.3.6 (Time Alone – iPhone Photo)

2010.3.6. I’m in the middle of a computer upgrade which is taking longer then expected. So today’sView full post »

2010.3.5 (Color Fields)

2010.3.5 Pretty simple photo, but it took quite it bit of playing in post processing to get the pole to lookView full post »


2010.3.4 Nothing to say tonight. Sorry. I got a bit carried away with textures tonight. Don’t hate me.View full post »


2010.3.3 The Bouncy Whale. This picture was a part of what I’m calling “speed round”. I thinkView full post »


2010.3.2 Technically not the best pictures I’ve taken or posted recently, but I like Samantha’sView full post »


2010.3.1 Does anyone put money into these anymore? I think with all the other distractions kids have, why wouldView full post »