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Don’t Just Stand There

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. There are great pictures to be had everywhere all the time.  No matter where you are there are great pictures around you.  I promise.  All it takes is a bit of vision to see them.  I could give you many tips on how to look for them, but in this post I’m going to keep it simple.


Sometimes it is that easy.  How many times have you seen someone with a camera standing there taking a picture?  I literally mean “standing there”.  I bet pretty close to 100% of the time. There are millions of pictures taken from the average height of let’s say . . .  5 feet 8 inches off the ground.  Millions.  Simply change your point of view.

Simple things you can do:

  • Sit on the ground
  • Lay down
  • Stand on a chair
  • kneel
  • With children, make sure you are on their level – literally
  • Hold the camera at your knees or over your head
  • Get on the second floor and look down on your subject
  • Get low and look up
  • Just get closer

You get the idea.  Here is an simple example.  Below is a picture from a Target parking lot.  You’ve all been there in your town.

The flowers are actually very pretty, and although you can’t tell with the above picture, the lighting was pretty nice. There was a weird reflection off of a building to the left, and the sun was just beginning to get low in the sky.  But, like I said, you probably can’t tell because this picture was taken standing up.  How may times have you seen some beautiful site, but the picture you took to share that site with your friends and family just did not do the scene justice?

Here is the same scene but with me almost laying on the ground right next to the silver SUV you see above.

The picture was taken with the cheapest lens I have (also my favorite). The simple 50mm lens.  There is a bit of post processing on this picture but very little.  To show you that changing your perceptive matters much more then your camera, I took a picture from the same spot with my iPhone.  No tricks here.

I will admit to having a few people stare at me (including co-workers), and wondering what I was doing on all fours in the middle of a parking lot, next to a car that is not mine.  I think that it is worth it.

Stop standing there – and take better pictures.

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