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Monthly Archives: April 2010


2010.4.29 This is Karisa. I have known her for about 6 years or so. I’ve worked with her off and on forView full post »


2010.4.28 This photo is about me playing around with Topaz Remask. I’ve liked the topaz filter productsView full post »


2010.4.27 One of the more simple pictures by way of post processing I’ve posted in a while. Other thenView full post »


2010.4.26 I know I’ve had a lot of flower shots recently which is not like me at all. I’m normallyView full post »


2010.4.25 I’m still a bit behind, and missed a few days, but I figure I’m just going to keep going.View full post »

iPhoneography Exhibition in Milan, Italy

I’m pretty excited to tell you all that one of my iPhone photos (see more here) was used in an exhibition inView full post »


2010.4.22 The catching up continues. These are leaves from a bush right outside my front door. Most morningsView full post »


2010.4.21 I’m a bit behind posting my pictures again. I got a bit under the weather this week so I wasView full post »


2010.4.20 I’ve been out of it for a few days. I had a very large important meeting for the day job,View full post »


2010.4.19 Tonight, I’m using my iPhone for my camera again. I really love using this camera. Technically,View full post »


2010.4.18 My driveway is lined with rose bushes. They are all red and white roses except for one rose bush. TheView full post »


2010.4.17 One very small yellow flower can change the look of an entire field. Just one single flower. There isView full post »


2010.4.16 Just getting a bit caught up on a few of the photographs I took in Sea Ranch a few days ago. I loveView full post »


2010.4.15 It is Tax Day. I probably should do something creative for that. But I’m way to freakin’View full post »


2010.4.14 Tax week this week. Very busy at the day job. Not much to say tonight. Sorry about that, but hope youView full post »


2010.4.13 This is what the paths look like in Sea Ranch, CA. Not all of them are lined with trees, but they areView full post »


2010.4.12 I’m working to catch up. A few days in Sea Ranch, CA with no internet (because of the cloudsView full post »


2010.4.11 I’d use the obvious name for this, but all I can see is the movie “Wayne’sView full post »


2010.4.10 This is another look at the same beach I posted a few days ago. I think I like this one better. IView full post »


2010.4.9 My time at Sea Ranch continues. This is bush that is everywhere, and isn’t all the pretty unlessView full post »


2010.4.8 I’m spending a few days in my favorite place on earth. The Sea Ranch, CA. Very relaxing, nothingView full post »


2010.4.7 An army of Micky Mouses (Mikey Mice??) are coming to take over!!View full post »


2010.4.6 I’m a day behind in posting, but this time I have a great excuse – I’m on vacation.View full post »


2010.4.5 Palm Leaf and Bokeh I like a good abstract every once in a while. I also like a good palm leaf photo.View full post »


2010.4.4 Okay, I think this catches my up for the weekend. Feels pretty good to be caught up. To me thisView full post »

Long Portrait – Truman

This is Truman. My nephew. I just spent 2 days at Disneyland with him, and I ended up watching him for an hour or soView full post »


2010.4.3 See the (not so successful) Long Portrait here. This is Truman. I spend some time at Disneyland withView full post »


2010.4.2 I’m catching up on my daily photo postings. I spent a few days in Disneyland with family andView full post »


2010.4.1 Tonight I worked on the long portrait version of yesterday’s photo and sort of ran out of timeView full post »

Long Portrait – Jeff

I’ve been inspired by the long portraits of Clayton Cubitt on Vimeo. After I stumbled on his work, I found thatView full post »