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Monthly Archives: May 2010


2010.5.31 I’m not good at holiday photos. I should use the day for a theme, but I never do. So,View full post »


2010.5.30 One more from the Getty. I’ve always wanted a get a photo of the “planters”, butView full post »


2010.5.29 I spent the morning yesterday at the Getty Center here in LA. One of my favorite places. PerfectView full post »


2010.5.28 I know, I fell back to flowers quickly. Don’t judge me. It is Friday night, lots to do, my kidView full post »


2010.5.27 Skateboard wheels are always so cool. This one is shot with a Lensbaby. I got in the lensbaby moodView full post »


2010.5.26 (Street Fighting) I’ve been subtly, and not so subtly, accused of becoming a “flowerView full post »

2010.5.25 (Ring Pop)

2010.5.25 (Ring Pop) Ring pops are yummy. Not much to say tonight with this one. Even the post processing wasView full post »


2010.5.24 If you don’t look closely, your driveway may just be your driveway. But if you get down on yourView full post »


2010.5.23 (Rose’s Behind) I’ve been working on a slide show/video for my parents 50th weddingView full post »


2010.5.21 This is another one of the around the office series. The parking garage where I park was pretty emptyView full post »


2010.5.20 The college grad. Yep, my wife took her first step to the rest of her graduate type life. She will beView full post »


2010.5.19 I’m cheating just a little big tonight. I’m not really breaking my own rules, but forView full post »

I was Featured on Fotomoto

I found out that I was featured on  I use them to print photos that I sell on my photoblog.  I you wantView full post »


2010.5.18 I’m really not a flower photographer. Wait, let me re-word that. I didn’t used to be aView full post »


2010.5.17 This is a flower from a tree right outside my office. This is another of my “around theView full post »

2010.5.16 (Tyson)

2010.5.16 Say hi to Tyson. One more of the boys in the neighborhood and my church. As I’ve said before,View full post »


2010.5.15 This is Sam. Sam was over with the boys for the pizza swim party. He is friends with my son, and inView full post »


2010.5.14 Today I starting to move of changing this photoblog from pixelpost to wordpress. I have loveView full post »

2010.5.13 (The babies are here)

2010.5.13 Do you remember a few days ago I showed you the little hummingbird sitting on her eggs in the nestView full post »


2010.5.12 This is Zach. Great kid. Really great kid. He was over at our house the other day having a pool partyView full post »


2010.5.11 This is another picture from around my office. I starting a flickr set based on this today.View full post »

2010.5.10 (Parking Garage)

2010.5.10 I park my car within about 30 feet of this spot everyday. It is always facinating to me howView full post »


2010.5.9 So, I came up with no options or ideas for mother’s day. My wife is out of town, my Mom lives aView full post »


2010.5.8 Not much to say here. Nothing crazy in the processing, just some nice crowd bokeh is all. Today isView full post »


2010.5.7 The new(ish) Boston Convention Center. Very large building. This just felt like a diptych to me whileView full post »


I just wanted to put together a few of my favorite face photos over the last year or so.  Take a look.  Tell me whatView full post »

2010.5.6 (10-4 Good Buddy)

2010.5.6 One more picture from Fenway. As I mentioned I spent the last 3.5 days in Boston. I miss living there,View full post »

2010.5.5 (Green Monstah)

2010.5.5 (Green Monstah) The catching up continues. The days of the next few photos may not exactly match, butView full post »


2010.5.4 I’ve not been able to post my photos the last few days so I need to catch up. I had to take aView full post »

2010.5.3 (Almost)

2010.5.3 For tonight, I’m posting another iphone photo. This is number 365 of my daily iPhone photos. IView full post »

My first “365 Project” comes to an end . . . sort of . . .

On April 28th, 2009 I was standing in an In-n-Out Burger waiting for my order to be ready.  I had owned my iPhone forView full post »


2010.5.2 Today I finished my iphone 365 project. It really is just another day, because I have no intention ofView full post »


2010.1.5 Deflated balloon. I walked by a series of balloons that had been put out and a few had popped. IView full post »

2010.4.30 (iPhoneography)

An iPhone photo for today. this is the “three stripe” version of my daily iPhone photo I post atView full post »