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Monthly Archives: June 2010


2010.6.29 Meet my niece Caitlyn. She is saying, “why are you doing this to me?” The camera doesView full post »


2010.6.28 I seem to see many photo opportunities in and around the 24 hour fitness I go to. Maybe it is becauseView full post »


2010.6.27 Experimenting with some textures tonight. Sometimes I just in that texture mood. This is my nieceView full post »


2010.6.26 Still out of town and don’t have much computer time. On this picture I used Topaz Detail, asView full post »


2010.6.25 I just wanted to post this picture here as well. My father in law got married yesterday and theyView full post »

Gary & Crystal Get Hitched

My father in law got married yesterday.  We are SOOOOO happy for them. Crystal is such a great person, has a fantasticView full post »


2010.6.24 I feel bad about missing a few days here and there recently. But what I’m I going to do? ThingsView full post »


2010.6.22 Some days I wonder why I feel the need to put comments and commentary here. So today, nothing.View full post »

The Whole Family – Almost . . .

Today is Father’s day, so first let me send a shout out to my Dad.  He raised 5 sisters and me, and did way toView full post »

2010.6.20 (Dad)

2010.6.20 (Dad) Happy Father’s Day everyone. This is my Dad. I thought I better add a picture of him onView full post »


2010.6.18 The texure of the dog, the grass, and the dog looking back caught my eye. I happened to have theView full post »


2010.6.16 Just some texture experiments tonight. I like the effect when people use them well, but I’veView full post »

2010.6.15 (Mom)

2010.6.15 (Mom) Meet my Mom. I’ve posted pictures of many of my other family members, but I don’tView full post »

2010.6.14 (The Twins)

2010.6.14 (The Twins) I give you the twins. Jackson and Riley. They are my niece’s kids, and are around 6View full post »

2010.6.13 (The Anniversary)

2010.6.13 (The Anniversary) My parents recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary – you may haveView full post »

2010.6.12 (The 5K)

2010.6.12 So, a little self indulgence today. Please forgive me, but this is a big part of 2010 for me and myView full post »

2010.6.10 (High Voltage)

2010.6.10 (High Voltage) Don’t have much to say tonight. I’m traveling a bit recently so working toView full post »


2010.6.8 Had a few computer problems that I did not have time to deal with so I missed a few daily postings.View full post »


2010.6.5 I’m working on a slide show for my parents 50th anniversary this weekend. I’ve beenView full post »

2010.6.3 (Ice Blocking 2)

2010.6.3 (Ice Blocking 2) No time tonight, but I want to keep up with the picture a day pace so I’mView full post »

iPhoneography Featured on Eye’em

I was interviewed or Eye’em yesterday and they put the piece up last night. I’m very honored to have theView full post »

2010.6.2 (Ice Blocking)

2010.6.2 (Ice Blocking) I tried to post this last night but the blog kept crashing for some reason. Anyway . .View full post »

2010.6.1 (Pink Petals)

2010.6.1 (Pink Petals) I actually took this picture a few days ago, but just got the chance to work onView full post »