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Monthly Archives: July 2010

2010.7.31 (Samantha)

2010.7.31 (Samantha) Sometimes a simple portrait is all that is needed to make the weekend complete. This isView full post »

2010.7.28 (iPhoneography)

2010.7.28 (iPhoneography) For “work” I attended a Redsox vs. Angels game this week. It was also oneView full post »


2010.7.27 This is a quick preview of some portraits I took of some friends of our and their kids. These are theView full post »


2010.7.26 If you remember a few days ago I mentioned it was my son’s anniversary, and a few weeks ago itView full post »

2010.7.25 (Thomas Kinkade on Acid)

2010.7.25 (Thomas Kinkade on Acid) This picture is either A) Thomas Kinkade after a nasty acid trip or B) whatView full post »


2010.7.24 World Wide Photo Walk. Yep, I participated today. I hadn’t been down to the Venice Canals toView full post »


2010.7.22 I’m in a real creative funk the last week or so. It seems when this happens to me I end up backView full post »


2010.7.20 I like the twisted nature of this tree. I’m not really happy with the overall photo, but theyView full post »


2010.7.19 Los AngelesView full post »


2010.7.18 Not much to comment on tonight. Simple pictures, just catching up.View full post »

Family Vacation – Pismo Beach

My family, along with almost the entire extended family on my wife’s side, spent the week of July 4th in PismoView full post »


2010.7.17 There is a great photographic lesson here. One that even after you have learned over and over again,View full post »

LaBar Family – Very Fun Portrait Session

I was lucky to be asked to take some pictures of a great family back on Father’s Day.  You can see how slow I amView full post »

2010.7.15 (First Anniversary)

2010.7.15 It is ALMOST my son Kiel and his wonderful wife Emily’s anniversary. They were married on theView full post »

2010.7.14 (Naomi)

2010.7.14 (Naomi) Yesterday you met Emily. Today meet Naomi. Emily and Naomi are sisters. Just like Emily,View full post »

2010.7.13 (Emily)

2010.7.13 (Emily) This is Emily. She is my father-in-law’s wife’s daughter. So that makes her my .View full post »


2010.7.12 One more from the vacation then I’m back to normal life. I’m off to see the “PagentView full post »

2010.7.11 (Meeting of the Minds)

2010.7.11 I love reflections. Simple as that. Nothing much else to say this morning. Let me know what youView full post »


2010.7.10 Another photo of a place were people should be but are not. This is an HDR using 3 exposures, +-2View full post »

2010.7.9 (There is More to Explore)

2010.7.9 There really is more to explore! 24 years ago today my first son was born. I should post a picture ofView full post »


2010.7.8 The Roman swimming pool at the Hearst Castle. I haven’t been there since I was a kid. Pretty bigView full post »

2010.7.7 (Solitude)

2010.7.7 I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone enjoy solitude as much as this guy. He surfed with aView full post »


2010.7.6 Got up early in the morning to wander the beach. This girl was looking for sand dollars and it appearsView full post »


2010.7.5 Summer reading at Pismo Beach. Not much to say about this image today. I desaturated it a bit, andView full post »


2010.7.4 Happy birthday U.S.A.View full post »


2010.7.3 I’m spending the week in Pismo Beach, CA. Yup, a week of vacation for me. Hopefully that means IView full post »


2010.7.1 I know. It doesn’t feel like it. But it is. It really is July. Half way through the year.View full post »