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Monthly Archives: August 2010


2010.8.31 Not much to say tonight. Just working to get back into the “zone” and the habit of aView full post »


2010.8.30 I’ll admit I didn’t think I was going to pull a picture off for today. But then, as theView full post »

Jackson and Riley

I haven’t had the chance to blog this yet, but I’m excited to finally get it up here. Alyssa and Collin hadView full post »

2010.8.28 (Samantha)

2010.8.28 (Samantha) I’ve been out of it for a few days. It thought I would be able to keep up withView full post »

2010.8.23 (iPhoneography at LAX)

I mentioned yesterday that I would be traveling without the ability to upload photos from my DSLR. So, asView full post »


2010.8.22 I will be doing some traveling for my day job the next few days so I may be limited to posting fromView full post »

2010.8.20 (iPhoneography)

This is the first photo I’ve posted here from the iPhone 4. Hopefully you know I post one iPhone pictureView full post »


2010.8.19 I seem to be drawn to half dead flowers recently. I wonder if there is something hidden in there deepView full post »


2010.8.16 We have had a lot of foggy mornings this summer. The rest of the world has been baking, but we haveView full post »

Ventura County Fair

I’ve been feeling in a bit of a creative funk in my personal work lately.  Taking a photo a day and trying toView full post »


2010.8.14 I’m not a huge fan of HDR and what many make if it. But I do play with it occasionally, and itView full post »


2010.8.13 This is Rachel. I work with Rachel. I haven’t done portraits of my co-workers since way back inView full post »

2010.8.12 (Old and New)

2010.8.12 (Old and New) I like the purple flowers for two reasons. By the way, I’ve been told they areView full post »


2010.8.9 I’m really in a picture taking creative funk. I’m doing well and not so much in a funk onView full post »


2010.8.9 It wouldn’t be a college campus in CA with our many bikes right? These is a fender I found atView full post »


2010.8.8 Today me and my wife headed up to Santa Barbara to buy some snack food for our nephew who is in hisView full post »

MacDonald’s – Speed Portrait

A few weeks ago we were with the Macdonald’s in LA, and we had 10 minutes to spare and I had my camera.  We hadView full post »


2010.8.5 Some of the tallest palm trees I’ve ever seen.View full post »


2010.8.3 Blue is the most expensive color. At least that is what I’ve been told.View full post »


2010.8.2 I did not have time to process this photo for the last few days but I did today. I wasn’t sureView full post »


2010.8.1 This Aidan. I couldn’t not take one of him in his glasses. Aidan is not a smiler for the camera,View full post »