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Jackson and Riley

I haven’t had the chance to blog this yet, but I’m excited to finally get it up here. Alyssa and Collin had a set of twins a while back.  (Is that proper English – “a set of twins”???)  Jackson and Riley are their names.  Amazingly cute kids.  You may remember Alyssa and Collin from these wedding photos.

The day we took these it was very stormy outside, we used the covered area on a patio because the house we were at was filled with people.  The pictures of the twins turned out great, and the kids were very happy to do whatever we told them to.  Of course, since they can’t talk yet, they really had no choice.

First, take a look at this “Long Portrait” of Jackson and Riley (it’s about a minute and half long).  I dare you not to smile while watching it.

A few more portraits of the twins are below.

Great job everyone!

This last one is of Dad and the twins. We took some of the family as well of course, but this one of proud Daddy and the two twins I just thought I had to share.

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