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2010.9.30 October is here. Strange. I love where I live, I still have roses blooming away on my driveway. Also,View full post »


2010.9.29 (Strobist info – 580exII hand held, triggered 4 times at 1/32 power, twice on the right andView full post »


2010.9.26 (Strobist info – 580exII on full power directly in front of the subject. Mid-day sun noView full post »


2010.9.25 (Stobist info – 580exII camera right and about level with subject and 10 feet away, 1/32 withView full post »


2010.9.21 I took my parents out to dinner at one of their favorite spots when I was in SLC as a good sonView full post »

2010.9.20 (Mom)

2010.9.20 (Mom) I’m traveling today so I have to take a break from my Strobist work. I had to travel veryView full post »


2010.9.19 (Strobist info – 580exII camera right at about a 45 degree angle and about 10 feet away at 1/2View full post »

My “Scoopers” is . . . like . . all growing up . . . and stuff.

Just a quick post for me to show you how beautiful Samantha is getting. When she was really, really young I startedView full post »


2010.9.18 (Strobist info – 580exII through snoot 1/34 power behind subject and to her left withView full post »


2010.9.17 (Strobist info – 580ex II with shoot though umbrella slightly camera left full power triggeredView full post »


2010.9.16 I’m continuing my Strobist experiments. For those of you who have asked or who are followingView full post »


2010.9.14 Say hi to Justin. This picture is not my best obviously, but it is the start of something. EnoughView full post »


2010.9.12 Anyone know what kind of flower and/or plant this it? It’s in my back yard but I have no idea.View full post »


2010.9.11 This is Hailey. I took this picture within about 30 seconds of meeting Hailey. I’m not sure IView full post »


2010.9.8 When I don’t have time to really set up a shoot, I end up shooting in my driveway. You might beView full post »


2010.9.7 The first sign of autumn. I thought it would be the kids going back to school, but “fall”View full post »


2010.9.6 This is Toby. Toby is Tigger’s best friend. Toby is the dog of one of my wife’s bestView full post »


2010.9.5 (Samantha) You may have noticed from my photos (iPhone postings mostly) that I spent a few days inView full post »


2010.9.4 When you go to Disneyland, you spend a lot of time in the parking lot system.View full post »


2010.9.1 (First Day of School) Sam and Tree. Day one of school 2010-2011. 10th grade, and 8th grade. They areView full post »