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My “Scoopers” is . . . like . . all growing up . . . and stuff.

Just a quick post for me to show you how beautiful Samantha is getting. When she was really, really young I started calling her “Scoopers”. I’m not 100% sure, but I’ve always assumed it started with a really messy diaper and I call her “Pooper Scoopers”, but I don’t remember the exact time or place. The important thing is she is my Scoopers, and even is she doesn’t like it she will always be.

Samantha listening to her iPod
Samantha is growing up

Also – do you think in like 50 or 60 years one of Samantha’s grandkids will say, “what is the white thing coming our of her head?” You don’t see a kid these days without their iPod or iPhone cord coming out of their head, but what will kids of the future think about that?

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