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Monthly Archives: October 2010

2010.10.31 (Halloween)

2010.10.31 (Halloween) Butterflies even visit cemeteries. This is the daughter of very good friends of ours.View full post »


2010.10.30 It’s that time of year to celebrate fear, dead things, zombies, ghosts, and candy. How fun isView full post »


2010.10.25 (Strobist info: one light fun, 580exII with Umbrella at 1/4 power slightly camera left and above.) I thinkView full post »

2010.10.15 (iPhoneography)

2010.10.25 (iPhoneography) There is a bit of an argument going on in the iPhoneography world right now. Some say thatView full post »


2010.10.24 Looking for beauty? Just look in your own backyard. I know it’s there. You just need to look.View full post »


2010-10-23 Wasn’t a great week for my project 365. But, I’m just getting back on the horse andView full post »


2010.10.19 One more from a walk on the beach. More work with my ND filters.View full post »


2010.10.17 (Circle in the Square) Not too much to say about this one, except have I mentioned that it has beenView full post »

Peterson Family Beach Portraits

The Peterson’s asked me to take a few family pictures for them a few weeks back.  Cole and Hailey (the twoView full post »


2010.10.16 One more from Pt. Magu. This a small beach pretty close to our house. I’m playing with someView full post »


2010.10.14 Foggy, overcast, dark evening at the beach. Would have been great for a portrait or two . . . butView full post »


2010.10.13 Tomorrow I’m going out to the beach again at sunset with a new photogroup from myView full post »


2010.10.12 (Strobist info: 580exII at 1/16 with shoot through umbrella, camera right very close to subject.View full post »


2010.10.11 I love taking pictures of Samantha, but I really need another model (just to keep her from finallyView full post »


2010.10.10 (strobist info: 580exII at 1/2 power held back by two fingers.) I should post something for day 42View full post »


2010.10.9 (Strobist info: Lamp on table, window behind camera with shades pulled, 580exII with umbrella and CTOView full post »


2010.5.10 (Strobist info – 580exII, through umbrella, camera left from above set at 1/32. 550ex at 1/128View full post »

Images Without Borders

Images Without Borders is a fantastic idea and group.  I’ve mentioned them before but I thought it was a greatView full post »


2010.10.1 My wife’s car died. Really died. No accident or anything. It just died. We were hoping to keepView full post »