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Images Without Borders

Images Without Borders is a fantastic idea and group.  I’ve mentioned them before but I thought it was a great time to bring them up again.  Some great “online friends” of mine (Laura, Stacy, and Paul – thank you for your amazing work) started this organization after the Haiti earthquake and I was very excited to donate a few pictures.  The concept has grown to include amazing world class artists and is now beginning to host shows all over the world.

(On this picture, near the bottom on the left hand side, you will see one of my iPhone pictures)

Photographers and artists have donated their work, and the proceeds for the sales goes to benefit Doctors Without Borders.  With the recent show opening in New Orleans I’m really excited to see the organization grow.  See some news clips below.

From Good Morning New Orleans

From Fox Live in New Orleans

I have had a few people ask me about my prints for holiday gifts or for pictures to simply to hang in their house.  If you are interested, before you buy one of my prints, let me know.  I would be happy to donate them to Images Without Borders and let them have the proceeds from the sale.

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