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Peterson Family Beach Portraits

The Peterson’s asked me to take a few family pictures for them a few weeks back.  Cole and Hailey (the two youngsters) were so cute.  They did such a good job and it was not a very easy day to take these pictures.

Early on the day looked great.   A bit overcast, a little tiny bit of fog – all things that I like for portrait sessions.  But as we got to their pier it cleared up, the harsh sun came out, and to make that worse it got cold and windy all at the same time.  All bad things.  We spent a bit of time at the Ventura Pier, then drove a few miles south to a hidden beach that I’ve never seen anyone at, but I like to use.  (If I told you where it was I would have to kill you, so don’t ask.)

To end the night, we topped it off with a drive to Cafe Rio.  Those of you who are in Utah know that place.  There is one in Ventura now, and I’m assuming more to come.

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