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Monthly Archives: March 2011


This is Tigger. Tigger is very OCD. He is a great dog, but obsessed with my wife and he is nuts. Simple asView full post »

2011.03.30 (Strip Tease)

2011.03.30 (Strip Tease) Busy, busy, busy . . .View full post »

Whitney and Troy

Cold day, but love and fun all around It’s been a while, and I realized I never shared my experiences of WhitneyView full post »

Missing in Action

I’ve been the worst blogger ever recently.  Sorry about that.  I’ve been working hard, and doing lots, butView full post »


2011.03.27 This is a pretty simple picture today. I had to spend an hour or so at the Thousand Oaks High SchoolView full post »


No. 1 Master This one I took in Austi,n TX a while back. Not much to say tonight, sorry. Hope you are all well!View full post »


2011.03.19 Leah This is a picture of my Niece Leah. It is a little old, but a photo that I’d beenView full post »


Spiritual Renewal Has anyone been noticing that I’ve been naming my files as if it were still 2010View full post »


2011.03.17 I probably should do something for St. Patty’s day today, but I’ve never been good withView full post »


2011.03.16 One more from the “future park” in my neighborhood. What do you see on this old stair. IView full post »

2011.03.12 (Gualala)

2011.03.12 (Gualala) Getting the shot on the beach Okay . . . if my math is right, I’m only 35 days outView full post »

2010.03.10 (My Neighborhood as the Fog Lifts)

2010.03.10 (My Neighborhood as the Fog Lifts) Yup, this is where I live. I love this place. We feel very lucky.View full post »


2011.03.08 Another found object from the “future park” near my house. Maybe I should call thisView full post »


2011.03.06 There is this “future park” near our home. We live in a great neighborhood with plentyView full post »


2010.03.03 Just a quick photo of Sammy tonight. She is calling her self “Samantha” now more thenView full post »