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Whitney and Troy

Cold day, but love and fun all around

It’s been a while, and I realized I never shared my experiences of Whitney and Troy’s wedding here.  Let’s solve that right now!

Whitney is my niece. Beautiful, wonderful young lady.  Of course I see her as a little kid, but that is simple because I never grow older . . . right?  She asked me to come to Utah and shoot her wedding for her.  Well, I was more then happy to.  Of course, nobody told me the size of the storm that was going to blow in.

The night before the wedding I headed to the airport and all the planes were delayed going into Utah because that airport was closed.  They were getting something like 2 or 3 feet of snow.  When I finally got in at 2:30 am I headed right to my hotel.  I was going to stay with my sister, but because of the late arrival and all the snow I thought it would be much easier to just get a room.  I grew up in ice and snow, and lived in Park City for many years, but this is more ice then I’d been seen in over a decade.  The drive to the hotel was bad to say the least.

In the morning I had to get up pretty early to head to the Draper Temple where the ceremony was being held, and I had no idea how the roads were going to be or if my little rental car could handle it.  The freeway had been plowed, but most of the side roads had not yet.   I made it, but with a few worried moments.  The Draper Temple is not only on a hill, but at one of those points were the wind is always blowing.  On this day, it had to be blowing at 20 or more miles per hour, and it was still well below 10 degrees Fahrenheit.  Oh, did I mention that  I don’t have great winter wear any longer??  A decade in Southern California will do that to you.

The snow had not been cleared yet when I arrived, the grounds crew was just getting started.  I knew that the plan was to get some outside pictures of the entire family, but that would never work in this weather.  We ended up having a church that was across the street opened for us to use just for pictures.  It was nice, but not at all what was planned.  Whitney and Troy were wonderful and not at all worried about the freezing temps and allowed me to have them out there in the cold for some pictures.  They even got into a snowball fight.

Lunch for the family was at Thanksgiving Point.  Great food, good times, and I  met much of Troy’s family and Whitney’s friends there.  We then headed downtown for “This is the Place Heritage Park” for the reception.

Guess what?  The snow started again.  The plan was more outdoor portraits, but that became difficult with the snow coming down so hard. We got a few in, but only with a few falls, some equipment fatalities, wet and cold feet, and frost bite.

I also should throw in a question to Whitney here – What was with the sun dresses in the middle of winter for the brides maids??  I loved them, and I really like the photos that we ended up with, but you do realize that it is cold in Utah in the winter right??   🙂

In the end all went well.  Everyone had a good time even with the cold.  Plenty of hot chocolate was served with warm cinnamon buns for all the guests to warm up with.

Some of the choices of pictures I put here are to show the Whitney I know.  You may see a trend with her facial expressions (especially in the last two images), that is the Whitney I know and love.  She may not choose these for herself, but hey, this is my blog so I get to pick.


Three Paige girls, but the one in the middle changed her name today

That bench was covered in ice, the area had just been cleared

This is one of my favorites. The fun and laughter of the day is in the picture even with the cold and stormy weather!


Out of the wind for a few moments

One of the best snowball fights I've ever witnessed.

The wedding boots!

This is an ongoing family fight for the two of them. Dr Pepper, or Coke??


The wedding rings


I have one of Whitney "smiling" here, but to me, this is Whitney. I love this expression.


Um . . . sun dresses?? In Winter?? Beautiful yes, but a bit cold!

Father of the Bride

The perfect Whitney face.

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