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New Project – The People of Dos Vientos Ward

First, let me say I’m sorry for the lack of updates on this blog recently.  To tell you the truth I’m working to simply my online presence. This site and blog will become the main output for me in the future, but I need to figure a few things out.  My social media online presence has become a bit out of control.  My photoblog, Facebook, twitter, posterous, tumblr, google+, instagram, flickr, 500px, redbubble, this blog, personal blog, a combined blog with my siblings . . . and more and more . . .

So hopefully you can see that I need to fix all of the craziness.  I will make it work, but I need to do some coding to this site to make it all work. I really want to share all sorts of photography stuff here.  More to come.

Speaking of all of this, I started a new project.  Makes sense huh??  Actually, I’ve been working on coming up with a great portraiture project to work on.  I love having personal projects and developing my skills and sharing all I know.  I think I will enjoy this one.

You can find it at The People of Dos Vientos Ward.

The first portrait I did for this project is below.  For fun, I also included a picture of Joel that he may not want me to share. I wonder how long it will take him to find it here??  He was a great sport to be my first victim.

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