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Yearly Archives: 2012

Tree is a Senior

My second son Tree is now a senior. Kind of scary. I took this with my new set of Canon 600 ex-rt flashes andView full post »

In and Back Out Again

Jamie and I took Tigger (our dog) down to the beach that is closest to our house. We call it the “bigView full post »


Say “hi” to McKayla.  She is Trey’s sister and my niece.  You can see Trey in yesterdaysView full post »


My nephew Trey.  Went to dinner with him and his family a few weeks ago in Utah.  The BBQ was great and so wasView full post »

Tire on Bowling Ball Beach

Bowling Ball Beach, or Schooner’s Gulch Beach, is now one of my go to places when I go to NothernView full post »

Black Point Beach at Sunrise

One of my favorite places on the planet. Black Point Beach.  This was taken about 30 minutes prior to sunrise.View full post »

Floating Bolders

I’ve taken pictures here before, it is common called “Bowling Ball Beach.”   It is just soundView full post »

Another Moon Setting Photo

This is one more from my first morning in The Sea Ranch. The moon setting again.  I’ve mentioned the luckView full post »

Moon Over Black Point Beach

This is another photo from my first morning at The Sea Ranch, CA.  This is Black Point Beach which is on theView full post »

Moon Setting

I spent the last week in The Sea Ranch, CA. For those of you who know me, I call this “my happyView full post »

Shades of Pink

Pick up your camera, go outside, stay within . . . oh, lets say . . .20 yards of your door and take someView full post »

Pine Needles

Some pine needles with the sun behind.   Just some prettiness for the night.View full post »

Emily in the Rain

Kiel and Emily came to visit a few weeks ago.  I took this as we went to the local “oldView full post »

Lunch Time

We went to lunch at a pretty good BBQ place.  Actually we go here a lot.  Not our favorite, but still veryView full post »

Samantha Up Close

Nothing big to say tonight.  Just sharing a picture of Samantha. A bit of a close up.  She is sure growing up.View full post »

Cartoon Balloons

One more from Disneyland.  I’m just about Disney’d out so there won’t be too many more for aView full post »


My beautiful wife at her favorite place.  More from the new 35mm L.  Love this thing.View full post »

Funeral Respect

I’m going through and organizing some of my old photo files.  Man, there are a lot of them.  Anyway, IView full post »

Windshield Water (iPhoneography)

This photo was taken using Hipstamatic on my iPhone. I have always loved Hipstamatic.  It gets over usedView full post »

Abby 2

One more of the way to cute Abby.  It wasn’t easy to keep myself out of those glasses when I took this.View full post »

Paradise Pier

Last week we spent some time here. Really, we spent more time at the pool and spa then in the park, but hey . .View full post »

Abby in Glasses

I like Abby’s glasses.  I’m not sure if they are hers or not, I didn’t ask, but I like them.View full post »

Tree in 3D

My son, Tree, with his 3D glasses. I spent the last few days with the wife and kids (2 of them at least) inView full post »


Simon is my Son and Daughter-in-Laws dog.  He spent the weekend with us and our dog Tigger.  I guess they gotView full post »


This is Jerry.  I’ve posted him before.  I work with Jerry.  Great guy.  I consider him a very goodView full post »

Gnome Update

On my last post I mentioned a video that I help my son make to ask a girl to the prom.  Well, now that she said yes,View full post »


This is one frame from a quick stop motion video I helped my kid make today that he used to ask a girl to theView full post »


This picture sort of scares me.  It is of my nephew eating gumdrops, but with this lighting and in black andView full post »


  Just working on my retouching skills tonight.  This is a picture of Angela I actually took quite a whileView full post »

Reworked Image

I enjoy re-working my images every now and then.  Not only will my mood be different, but I hope that I’ve gottenView full post »