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Monthly Archives: January 2012


This picture sort of scares me.  It is of my nephew eating gumdrops, but with this lighting and in black andView full post »


  Just working on my retouching skills tonight.  This is a picture of Angela I actually took quite a whileView full post »

Reworked Image

I enjoy re-working my images every now and then.  Not only will my mood be different, but I hope that I’ve gottenView full post »

Decade Old Damaged Film

I posted this picture about a year ago, but I wanted to do it again here with a bit more of a story.  The storyView full post »


Melissa just began working on my team at “the day job” a week or so ago. I let her know that sheView full post »

Gratitude. Something You Need to Watch.

TED is a great thing.  It is that simple. I ask you to give up 10 minutes to watch this –  it will be worth it.View full post »

Nielsen’s Family Portrait at the Beach

I’m so far behind on blogging my latest sessions that it may take a while to catch up, but I’m going toView full post »

White on White (iPhoneography)

As I move my photoblog exploits over to this site, I’m going to be working in my iPhoneography here asView full post »

Jamie – My Beautiful Wife

    Eventually I will be moving my photoblog photos over to this area of my blog.  But for now I will just startView full post »

Simplifying My Web Presence

You may have noticed a few recent changes, and also a bit of an absence from me recently.  The complexity of my webView full post »

Reworking Site

Be aware – I’m doing some major work and re-thinking of my website and web presence overall over the nextView full post »