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Moon Setting

Moon setting over ocean in Sea Ranch, CA


I spent the last week in The Sea Ranch, CA. For those of you who know me, I call this “my happy place.”  Wonderful place that always recharges me creatively.  While up there I have no cell phone coverage, and the internet is a joke (which is getting old by the way – they need to get that figured out).  I have no contact to post pictures or communicate at all.  That has some advantages, but in this day and age I need at least simple internet if only to work on photos and post some images.

Anyway, over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some of those photos as I process them. The photo in this post is actually the first photo I took.  I got up before sunrise to go to Black Point Beach which is my normal starting point for photos on my visits.  As I turned the corner to park my car and hike to the beach I saw the full moon setting and creating this amazing scene on the ocean.  I didn’t even bother to look at the charts to see where the moon was going to be,  or look up the weather or anything so this was just luck.  The weather was great for normal people, but way to clear and sunny for my purposes the entire week.  The fact that there was a full moon, setting just before sunrise on a perfectly clear night was an amazing site.  Like I said, “my happy place.”  Look for more moon photos over the next few days.

This image, like the next few, are fairly long exposures.  The Exif says “30 seconds”, but I think this is the longest that my camera records.  This was more like a full minute exposure if I remember right.  The reflection on the water looks almost fake, too painterly. I did not process that part of the photo to any real extent.  I actually tried to de-saturate it a bit to make it more realistic but it seemed to get worse.  I did add some detail in the foreground (the foreground is actually an HDR), and upped the contrast a bit, but nothing radical at all.

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