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Gnome Update

On my last post I mentioned a video that I help my son make to ask a girl to the prom.  Well, now that she said yes,View full post »

Reworked Image

I enjoy re-working my images every now and then.  Not only will my mood be different, but I hope that I’ve gottenView full post »

Gratitude. Something You Need to Watch.

TED is a great thing.  It is that simple. I ask you to give up 10 minutes to watch this –  it will be worth it.View full post »

Nielsen’s Family Portrait at the Beach

I’m so far behind on blogging my latest sessions that it may take a while to catch up, but I’m going toView full post »

Simplifying My Web Presence

You may have noticed a few recent changes, and also a bit of an absence from me recently.  The complexity of my webView full post »

Reworking Site

Be aware – I’m doing some major work and re-thinking of my website and web presence overall over the nextView full post »

This is a portrait!

I’m absolutely fascinated by this portrait idea and technique. Videorative Portrait of Randall Okita from SergioView full post »

A place for all your thoughts – or a great gift idea??

I use grid notebooks everyday.  I could not live with out them.  Through I have put together one customizedView full post »

New Project – The People of Dos Vientos Ward

First, let me say I’m sorry for the lack of updates on this blog recently.  To tell you the truth I’mView full post »

Photoshop Walk Through – Sam at Point Arena

I’ve had a few people ask me over the last few months how I do my post processing.  One of the more convincing inView full post »

Whitney and Troy

Cold day, but love and fun all around It’s been a while, and I realized I never shared my experiences of WhitneyView full post »

Missing in Action

I’ve been the worst blogger ever recently.  Sorry about that.  I’ve been working hard, and doing lots, butView full post »

Lesson 1: Focus, Frame, Fire

First a little background.  I get asked all the time for help or ideas or advice on all things photography.  I’veView full post »

Brrrrrr . . . . .

I’m sitting here in my SoCal home where today it was 76 and blue sky.  I’m working on some photo’sView full post »

Fun Portraits of Logan

I haven’t had a chance to blog this, but a few weeks ago I had the chance to photography cute Logan and hisView full post »

Annual Sacrifice of an Evergreen

Each year, due to the season, the life of a small evergreen tree must give it’s life. From the prophecies of old,View full post »

My Happy Place – The Sea Ranch, CA

Only a few more days,  then I’m off with my camera, some books, a few DVD’s, family, and really nothingView full post »

Peterson Family Beach Portraits

The Peterson’s asked me to take a few family pictures for them a few weeks back.  Cole and Hailey (the twoView full post »

Images Without Borders

Images Without Borders is a fantastic idea and group.  I’ve mentioned them before but I thought it was a greatView full post »

Jackson and Riley

I haven’t had the chance to blog this yet, but I’m excited to finally get it up here. Alyssa and Collin hadView full post »

Ventura County Fair

I’ve been feeling in a bit of a creative funk in my personal work lately.  Taking a photo a day and trying toView full post »

MacDonald’s – Speed Portrait

A few weeks ago we were with the Macdonald’s in LA, and we had 10 minutes to spare and I had my camera.  We hadView full post »

Family Vacation – Pismo Beach

My family, along with almost the entire extended family on my wife’s side, spent the week of July 4th in PismoView full post »

LaBar Family – Very Fun Portrait Session

I was lucky to be asked to take some pictures of a great family back on Father’s Day.  You can see how slow I amView full post »

Gary & Crystal Get Hitched

My father in law got married yesterday.  We are SOOOOO happy for them. Crystal is such a great person, has a fantasticView full post »

The Whole Family – Almost . . .

Today is Father’s day, so first let me send a shout out to my Dad.  He raised 5 sisters and me, and did way toView full post »

iPhoneography Featured on Eye’em

I was interviewed or Eye’em yesterday and they put the piece up last night. I’m very honored to have theView full post »

I was Featured on Fotomoto

I found out that I was featured on  I use them to print photos that I sell on my photoblog.  I you wantView full post »


I just wanted to put together a few of my favorite face photos over the last year or so.  Take a look.  Tell me whatView full post »

My first “365 Project” comes to an end . . . sort of . . .

On April 28th, 2009 I was standing in an In-n-Out Burger waiting for my order to be ready.  I had owned my iPhone forView full post »

iPhoneography Exhibition in Milan, Italy

I’m pretty excited to tell you all that one of my iPhone photos (see more here) was used in an exhibition inView full post »

Long Portrait – Truman

This is Truman. My nephew. I just spent 2 days at Disneyland with him, and I ended up watching him for an hour or soView full post »

Long Portrait – Jeff

I’ve been inspired by the long portraits of Clayton Cubitt on Vimeo. After I stumbled on his work, I found thatView full post »

My Favorite Camera Bag

I’m not big on product endorsements from photographers, but I do like when people share what really works forView full post »

Photoshop Tip – Enhance Grain with High Pass

Learning photography back in the dark ages of dark rooms and chemicals, I have a thing for black and white grain.  IView full post »

Don’t Just Stand There

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. There are great pictures to be had everywhere all the time.View full post »