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Photos that I take and process on my iPhone. I’ve been taking photos almost every day and posting them for years now. You can see all of my past daily photos at An iPhone Photo a Day

Chicago Flag

The Chicago Flag.  I had no idea what it was when I moved here a few years ago, but now it is big part of ourView full post »

Cubs Fans

Went to a Cubs game today. My first time at Wrigley. It is going to be fun living this close in the future.View full post »

Windshield Water (iPhoneography)

This photo was taken using Hipstamatic on my iPhone. I have always loved Hipstamatic.  It gets over usedView full post »

White on White (iPhoneography)

As I move my photoblog exploits over to this site, I’m going to be working in my iPhoneography here asView full post »

2010.11.3-5 (iPhoneography)

2010.11.3-5 (iPhoneography) I took these three pictures each morning from Nov 3 though the 5th. Each morning as I wentView full post »

2010.10.15 (iPhoneography)

2010.10.25 (iPhoneography) There is a bit of an argument going on in the iPhoneography world right now. Some say thatView full post »

2010.8.20 (iPhoneography)

This is the first photo I’ve posted here from the iPhone 4. Hopefully you know I post one iPhone pictureView full post »

2010.7.28 (iPhoneography)

2010.7.28 (iPhoneography) For “work” I attended a Redsox vs. Angels game this week. It was also oneView full post »

2010.5.3 (Almost)

2010.5.3 For tonight, I’m posting another iphone photo. This is number 365 of my daily iPhone photos. IView full post »

2010.4.30 (iPhoneography)

An iPhone photo for today. this is the “three stripe” version of my daily iPhone photo I post atView full post »


2010.4.19 Tonight, I’m using my iPhone for my camera again. I really love using this camera. Technically,View full post »

2010.3.29 (iPhone Photo)

I’m still having some camera issues from the wet mishap I mentioned yesterday. The good news is I’veView full post »

2010.3.6 (Time Alone – iPhone Photo)

2010.3.6. I’m in the middle of a computer upgrade which is taking longer then expected. So today’sView full post »


This is a photo that I took with my iPhone. I’ve been working on a “365 project” takingView full post »