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El Yunque 1

From our recent trip to Puerto Rico. This is from El Yunque the rain forest.  Great place, amazing waterfalls.View full post »

Construction Sunset

Walking around Chicago in the spring and fall around sunset can be fun. The sun seem to set in the right place.View full post »

Eagle Tree

We are back to my “happy place” for a few days.  I’m doing more resting and relaxing thanView full post »

Lake Shore Drive

Another from last weekend.  Lake Shore Drive and the Chicago River.  Spring is almost here, but still no leavesView full post »

Trump Tower

I’m still not a fan of his stupid name on the building, but it is a very pretty site overall.  We took aView full post »

Restricted Access

This is part of my continued look at zoo cages and zoo display’s. This is from the Brookfield Zoo outsideView full post »

Nature Walk

I’ve not been able to post recently, but I’m still around. Still taking pictures. Still creating aView full post »

London Eye

We spent some time in London and Paris over the last few weeks.  Weather was perfect.  I would move to LondonView full post »

Stair Shadow

This shadow came and went on the the stairs of the Institute of Art. As clouds passed over head it disappeared,View full post »

Bay Bridge

In all the many, many times we have been to San Francisco (many times, we even honeymooned there) we recentlyView full post »

The Coast

This is another one from my photos of cages for animals at the Lincoln Park Zoo. As I mentioned last time IView full post »


Walking under the “L” can be very pretty if the light is right.View full post »

The Wetlands

This is the wetlands display at the bird house at the Lincoln Park Zoo.  I enjoy zoos but I hate that theView full post »

Field Museum

Today we took a bus tour of the former sites of the World’s Fair in 1893.  The Field Museum ran thisView full post »

Air Show 2013

Summer is actually coming.  It may not seem like it, but very soon we will be on the beach just like we wereView full post »

City Hall

Looking up in Chicago is a fun past time. So much to see that is really fascinating.  This is City Hall, or asView full post »

Chicago Cubism

I took this photo a while ago and never posted. One thing I’ve always liked is having a hard drive fullView full post »

Coming In

One more from Bowling Ball Beach.  I’m not real happy with the sky in this one.  A bit boring. But thatView full post »

Sunrise Waves

Most people are drawn to sunsets on the coast – especially the west coat.  Me?  I’m more of aView full post »

Rocks and Water

We are spending Christmas week at The Sea Ranch, CA. I call this place my “Happy Place”.  NothingView full post »

Fly Over Marina City

Here is another one of Marina City.  My wife and I were walking by and looked up and the plane was going overView full post »

North Pond Early Winter

This is North Pond in Lincoln Park. This is very close to our new place and we walk past it with Tigger (ourView full post »

Urban Life Details

This is another one I took during “Open House Chicago 2013” a little while back.  I love the lookView full post »

Jewelers Building

This picture was taken a few weeks ago during the Chicago Architecture Open House. My wife and I touredView full post »

Cloud Gate Selfie

I’ve been going through some old photo recently and came across this one. It is from my first weekendView full post »

Falling in Love with a Big Face

I shot this picture a month of so ago.  For those of you not in Chicago it is in Millenium Park and it isView full post »

Window Cleaners

I’m not really sure which building’s windows they are cleaning.View full post »

Cubs Fans

Went to a Cubs game today. My first time at Wrigley. It is going to be fun living this close in the future.View full post »

White Petals

Yesterday I went on a photo walk with a co-worker and good friend.  As I make my move to Chicago I’veView full post »

Another Coastal Fence

Here is one more fence segment from the Sea Ranch. I’m consistently fascinated by the trees and theView full post »

Sand, Rocks, and Sky

Sand, rocks, and sky. Really, what else do you need??View full post »