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Fragile Pattern

Cloudy days at The Sea Ranch make for good macro shooting. There is always something good to see.View full post »

Chicago Flag

The Chicago Flag.  I had no idea what it was when I moved here a few years ago, but now it is big part of ourView full post »

Another Tulip from Holland, MI

Here is Tulip #2 from our road trip last weekend to Holland, MI.  I’m having fun with my new lens.View full post »

“Tulips are blooming in Holland, MI”

Does anyone else know or remember that song ??  (I don’t know the children in the link, but the song IView full post »

Polar Bear

Technically not my best picture, but the polar bear is so cute no??  He is just playing, and swimming, and notView full post »

Mental 312

A bit of a wall with some painting.  Simplicity.View full post »


I’m very interested in buying a new camera. I’ve got my eye on the Sony RX1R.  A full frame, fixedView full post »

Purple Flower

One more flower from months ago at the Chicago Botanical Gardens.  The last few days it has been a bit cold.View full post »

Downward Facing Flower

As winter begins to set in here is a spring time flower from the Chicago Botanical Gardens.  As I saidView full post »

Seeds Ready to Blow

So . . . I’ve been away a bit. We are in our new hours in Chicago, doing well.  I’m getting settledView full post »


Happy Sunday morning. Just a bit of purple to start out my day.View full post »

White Petals

Yesterday I went on a photo walk with a co-worker and good friend.  As I make my move to Chicago I’veView full post »

Shades of Pink

Pick up your camera, go outside, stay within . . . oh, lets say . . .20 yards of your door and take someView full post »

Pine Needles

Some pine needles with the sun behind.   Just some prettiness for the night.View full post »

Windshield Water (iPhoneography)

This photo was taken using Hipstamatic on my iPhone. I have always loved Hipstamatic.  It gets over usedView full post »


Simon is my Son and Daughter-in-Laws dog.  He spent the weekend with us and our dog Tigger.  I guess they gotView full post »


This is one frame from a quick stop motion video I helped my kid make today that he used to ask a girl to theView full post »

White on White (iPhoneography)

As I move my photoblog exploits over to this site, I’m going to be working in my iPhoneography here asView full post »

Rock and Pedals

I’m traveling this weekend so not enough battery on the laptop to ramble on, so just a picture tonight.View full post »


Sorry, I’ve not posted nearly as much as I want to or that I need to. I’m trying to get back intoView full post »


A nice flower from the Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks, CA. Detail added to the dew drops, and a bit ofView full post »


I think it’s been a while since I’m done any flower photos. Well, time to change that. I reallyView full post »


“Thanks to impermanence, everything is possible.” — Thich Nhat HanhView full post »


These babies left the nest last week and are all gone. The interesting thing is our resident mother is back onView full post »


This is Tigger. Tigger is very OCD. He is a great dog, but obsessed with my wife and he is nuts. Simple asView full post »

2011.03.30 (Strip Tease)

2011.03.30 (Strip Tease) Busy, busy, busy . . .View full post »


2011.03.27 This is a pretty simple picture today. I had to spend an hour or so at the Thousand Oaks High SchoolView full post »


No. 1 Master This one I took in Austi,n TX a while back. Not much to say tonight, sorry. Hope you are all well!View full post »


2011.03.17 I probably should do something for St. Patty’s day today, but I’ve never been good withView full post »


2011.03.16 One more from the “future park” in my neighborhood. What do you see on this old stair. IView full post »


2011.03.08 Another found object from the “future park” near my house. Maybe I should call thisView full post »


2011.03.06 There is this “future park” near our home. We live in a great neighborhood with plentyView full post »